Meet The Team

Our valuable team consists of over 150 employees who are all integral to company success. From maintenance and grounds keeping staff to wait and kitchen staff, each member of our team has an important role in our growth and success. Here are just a few of our team members who ensure that operations run smoothly each and every day.

Rich Mahler: General Manager, Clifton Court Management: After 30 years of employment with the company, Rich has seen it grow from its inception to what it is today. As the General Manager, he contributes his expertise in several different areas, overseeing various apartment complexes and staff.

Bob White: Senior Construction Superintendent, Bruce Tanski Construction: Bob has supervised the company’s construction projects for the past 25 years. He is uncompromising in the quality of his workmanship, enhancing our reputation as a quality builder.

Mike Paquin: Lead Mechanic, Bruce Tanski Construction: Mike has worked as our on-staff mechanic for the past 23 years, ensuring that all company vehicles and equipment are functioning in top form.

Sue Inglee: Wedding & Events Coordinator, Fairways of Halfmoon: Sue has worked for the company for 23 years and saw the Fairways of Halfmoon built. As a wedding and events coordinator, she is well respected among her peers and has given the Fairways an excellent reputation for holding events.

Ed Robertshaw: Chief Financial Analyst, Bruce Tanski Construction: With 19 years of experience with the company, Ed contributes a wealth of financial knowledge. His attention to detail is essential to our day-to-day operations.

Katina Terrault: Executive Coordinator, Bruce Tanski Construction: As Executive Coordinator, Katina oversees virtually every aspect of each arm of our company from the apartment complexes and new construction projects to our commercial sites. In addition, she supervises staff company wide and acts as Bruce’s liaison and right hand. She has contributed 13 years to our company.

Josh Yerdon: Superintendent, Fairways of Halfmoon: Josh is responsible for overseeing the extensive grounds at the Fairways of Halfmoon. Josh has shown a commitment to excellence at the Fairways for the past 12 years.

Tamara Sullivan: Land Planner, Bruce Tanski Construction: As our Land Planner, Tamara acts as a liaison between Bruce Tanski Construction and municipal, county, and state entities to bring new construction projects to fruition. She has been a member of our team for the past eight years.

Joe DeCarlo: Executive Chef, Fairways of Halfmoon: As our Executive Chef for the last seven years, Joe has made the Fairways well known for its inspired cuisine.

Julie Shipp: General Manager, Fairways of Halfmoon: Julie has served as the Fairway’s General Manager for the last six years. She has the substantial responsibility of managing all components of the golf course and its staff, making it a top destination in Halfmoon.

Stephanie Wood: Personnel Manager, Bruce Tanski Construction; Clifton Court Management: Stephanie acts as our HR Department and is responsible for all aspects of employee relations. Stephanie has been a team member for five years.

Steve Goldstein: Accounts Receivable Manager, Bruce Tanski Construction: Steve serves as our accounts receivable manager  and is responsible for all aspects of our company’s accounts. Steve has been a team member for eleven years.

Aleesha Fogarty: Managing Director, Clifton Court Management: Aleesha oversees our newer apartment units as well as various staff. In addition, she works with our New Construction Team to bring new apartment complexes online. Aleesha joined our team four years ago.

Alex Smith: IT Director, Bruce Tanski Construction: Alex joined our team two years ago as IT Director introducing new technology as well as servicing all IT needs company-wide.

Rebecca Taylor: Maintenance & Warranty Manager, Bruce Tanski Construction: Rebecca fields all tenant maintenance inquiries as well as acts as the liaison with our new construction homeowners. Rebecca joined us two years ago.

Mike Fleming: Construction Superintendent, Bruce Tanski Construction: As the newest addition to our team, Mike joins us with 35 years of experience in the construction industry.